Friday, October 20, 2017

Coffee with Adriana

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Happy Friday friends!! 

I'm excited to bring you another weekly installment of Coffee with Adriana. Now that I'm all moved in and settled into my new place this will be a weekly occurrence here on LM, and I'm really looking forward to tackling most of y'alls questions every Friday! 

So, lets dive right in! ...

What is your nighttime skincare routine?

I've received a lot of comments about my skin over the past year, and I truly believe that it has a lot to do with the climate that I've been living in. There was so much humidity in NYC and now in Austin, that I constantly feel as though there's an added layer of moisture on my skin when I step outside the door. 

A few things that I've been doing to maintain healthy skin, despite the weather are:
1. Drinking lots and lots of water. (I try to drink a glass of water before bed every night.)
2. Always washing my face before going to sleep. (I've used Cetaphil since high school.)
3. Sheet Masks twice a week! (I love love love Kocostar's Rose Petal & Karuna's Hydrating.) 
4. + a good night cream - Aveeno Ultra-Calming is my FAVORITE. 
5. And of course... getting beauty sleep. 

I recently moved to a new city, and am trying to get my bearings. What are ways in which you got used to your big move to NYC, and how did you make friends, get into a routine, navigate the city, etc...?

It took me a little while to feel completely at home in New York when I first moved there. I wanted to make friends, have my apartment the way I dreamed, and be able to navigate my way around the city ASAP, but realized it would take time. I joined a church that reminded me of the one I left in Texas, attended events and social gatherings with co-workers, saved money to decorate my studio, and slowly but surely things started falling into place. After a few months, I had a set routine and friends that I could head to Happy Hour with, knew my neighborhood like the back of my hand, and began to feel more at home in NYC. Everything takes time. 

Where do you like to shop for inexpensive transitional and trendy pieces for each season? I'd love to have some options for Fall/Winter without breaking the bank! 

Some of my favorite retailers for on-trend pieces that won't completely kill your bank account are: ASOS, Old NavyChicwish, & Urban Outfitters

What  t.v. shows are you currently binging?

I'm OBSESSED with Younger, and just finished the 4th Season on Hulu. I'm soooo sad I have to wait until next year for Season 5!! If I'm at home and feeling brave, I'll watch a crime show or something suspenseful - currently loving The Confession Tapes on Netflix. And, I can never say no to binging on Friends, Sex & The City, or Gilmore Girls. (No matter how many times I've seen each episode.) 

Make sure you submit your questions for next week via email with the subject "Coffee with Adriana!"


  1. Great read!! I still watch Friends every single night before going to bed. It clears my head :) XO ~Anna

  2. I'm glad your move went well and you're getting settled in! I'm always looking for a new show to watch to wind down in the evenings. I'll have to add Younger to my list :)



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