Saturday, August 26, 2017

Central Park Conservatory Garden

Anthropologie Floral Midi Dress | Kenneth Cole Heels 

These photos are part one of a series of three amazing shoots that I did with my sweet and incredibly talented friend Sylvie before I left New York City. All three posts with Sylvie behind the lens will remain as some of my favorite photos ever taken while blogging in NYC. These posts are an ode to New York, and a glimpse at what made my time there feel so magical, beautiful, and enchanted all at once. 

When I mentioned to Sylvie that I wanted to give the city a proper farewell she took that, ran with it, and created something that is pure magic. Starting with these images above! 

Our first stop... the Conservatory Garden in Central Park! 

Tucked away at the very top of Central Park on 105th St and 5th Ave is the Conservatory Garden. A secret garden filled with hidden corners, beautiful blooms, and tranquil ponds. My first time stepping into the garden felt whimsical, and as though I had walked straight into Alice's Wonderland. It was breathtakingly beautiful, so calm, and picturesquely serene. 

I still can't believe that it took me moving out of the city to finally discover this hidden gem. If you live in New York or plan to visit New York and haven't seen the Conservatory Garden yet, I highly recommend stepping inside! It's one of my now favorite spots in the city, and I'm so thankful to Sylvie for introducing it to me and for capturing such a fun and special moment. 

I CAN NOT WAIT to share more of what Sylvie and I created together! 
Stay Tuned... 

photography by Sylvie The Camera



  1. Such a beautiful dress and location! Love this post!

  2. I am absolutely in love with your dress and the location in the photos! SO pretty!! <3

  3. Gorgeous dress and it fits into this background perfectly!

  4. These photos are gorgeous! What a perfect location for photos! I love your dress!

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  10. Such a gorgeous spot and dress!!


  11. the photos turned out amazing!

  12. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!



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