Monday, May 15, 2017

New York Lately

There's something about New York in the Spring... 

The whole city seems to come alive once the weather turns. Flowers are in full bloom, fruit stands are on every corner, each park's fountain is bustling with the sound of running water, and children are finally playing outdoors within close proximity to NYC's many ice-cream carts.

I go back and forth between favorite seasons here. It's definitely between Spring & Fall for me. 

I'm so excited that New York is finally welcoming warm weather this week, and the timing couldn't be more perfect with my family flying in from Texas in just a few days! I can't wait to show them around some of my new favorite spots in the city, and enjoy the Spring weather with them. 

Wishing you a lovely Monday! 


  1. I really like the pictures! Spring time is always so pretty with all of the flowers blooming and the sun coming out. :)

  2. So pretty! I'll be in NYC in the Fall, so I'll sadly miss all the Spring flowers.
    Tasha Juli

  3. I love this blog post!!

  4. Wow this all looks so beautiful! NYC in the spring is gorgeous!



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