Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Five

It's time for another Friday Five post - a series dedicated to highlighting my favorite 5 things from this past week right here on the blog! So sit back, pop open that rosé and read on...

Ralph Lauren: Don't you just love hitting replay on a fragrance that you used to love and wear all the time. I'm doing just that with Ralph Lauren Romance. There are just some perfumes that come back full circle, and Romance is one of those for me! It was one the first ones I used when I was younger, and one I popped open again this week! 

Valentines' Day Cards: Love Day is almost here, and I'm planning to mail out a few cards tomorrow morning! Some favorite spots to shop holiday cards: Anthropologie, Papyrus, Paper Source, and let's be honest... Duane Reade always has my back when I might have forgotten a special occasion and all of the above stores are closed! (For non-New Yorkers that would be the equivalent to your Walgreens or CVS.)

City Inspired Fragrances: Anthropologie currently has a line of perfumes in store that are based on 4 major cities. Each scent from this fragrance collection has it's own take on capturing the multi-faceted experience of falling in love. 'She Found Quiet in His Wild' is based off Sydney, Australia and smells so divine showcasing small hints of exotic fruits. Other cities on the list: London, Paris, & Los Angeles

So Cosmo: While I don't watch t.v. that often nor really have time to, I decided to tune into E! on Wednesday night for the premiere of So Cosmo. It follows the life of Joanna Coles (Editor in Chief) and her team at Cosmopolitan Magazine as they navigate through working for the mag and life in the city. It's filled with a juicy behind the scenes look at what it's like to work for the prestigious magazine, and serves as the best weekday guilty pleasure. (If you liked Devil Wears Prada you'll love this.)

7 Friends Every Woman Needs: I love this article that The Everygirl posted this week on the 'types of gal pals' that every girl needs. One thing that makes me happy...I can honestly say that I have one of each. 

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