Thursday, January 12, 2017

Finding Confidence

Lucy Paris Dress

When it comes to my personal style, I love branching out and wearing colors that I wouldn't normally wear. I think that's half the fun when you're discovering your own style. It's nice to play around with different shades, patterns & prints to see what works best for you. It took me a while to get comfortable and confident in my style, and I thought I'd share a little story from when I was younger with you below. 

The year- (2003)
The outfit- light yellow Anthropoligie sweater w/flared jeans 
The setting-in front of several of my peers in theatre class

.... When I was in High School I was in theatre class, casually having fun and mingling with friends when I was told by another girl that yellow wasn't my color (and green too!!) in front of the entire class. I remember feeling so embarrassed, because that day I was actually wearing a light yellow sweater from Anthropologie that I LOVED. I felt really sad about what she said to me too because I loved the color yellow. 

I feel as though we are so impressionable at that age and still trying to find ourselves so any little comment can be a big thing to us. And the funny thing is, I actually let that statement get to me for a while without even really realizing. For the longest time you would never see me wearing anything yellow or having that color in my closet!  It wasn't until a few years ago actually that I finally starting wearing yellow again! Silly as it seems, I was convinced that the color yellow wouldn't work for me and my skin tone, it washed me out, etc... and then I realized that depending on the shade of yellow I could still find ones that looked great on me! 

All this to say, that it made me see just how much weight we sometimes place on silly little comments that people make to us, and just how seriously I had taken what was said to me when I was younger. It allowed me to also realize, that regardless of what others might say to you and the remarks that they make towards you it doesn't necessarily mean that they're right. (And even if they are, you keep doing you boo!)

At the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel about yourself, and what makes you feel happy, confident, and beautiful. Don't ever allow anyone to dim your confidence! 

And you know what... I'm going to keep wearing yellow. xo

photography by Chriselda.



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