Monday, January 30, 2017

10 Tips for Staying Motivated

The beginning of a new year, always makes me feel recharged, re-energized, and excited to tackle the months to come with full force. It leads me to new goals, and new ways in which I want to challenge myself. 

The only downfall to this idea... Winter. To be honest, some mornings I'd rather stay indoors curled up with a bowl of fruity pebbles, a cup of coffee and a rom-com instead of getting my booty up and out the door for yoga or a spin class. 

Often times, that plus a combination of working from home, the blistering cold weather, and an extensive to-do list keeps me overwhelmed and not feeling 'up' for much. If you've ever been in a rut, or if Winter has been getting the best of you lately, don't worry! - I've found that following the steps below has helped me tremendously when it comes to getting myself back in motion. 

1. Plan Ahead - I've always been a big planner, and love adding things to my calendar. It makes me feel more productive, and helps me outline what each day holds. I love to prep the night before when it comes to what I have planned for the next day. Whether it's an early morning photo shoot, a 7 a.m. workout, or a work meeting - I'll get my clothes ready the night before, check my weather app, and clock my commute time so I'm not running behind when I wake up. (Plus extra time to enjoy a latte at home!) 

2. Workout In the Morning - I have found that anytime I start my day with a workout, I feel so much better throughout the rest of the day. I love how it gives me that perfect boost of energy to feel ready for a big day ahead! Not to mention, it also jump starts my metabolism.

3. Find a Workout You Love - Weather you're working out from home in the morning or hitting your favorite studio, it's important to find a workout that you love and classes that make exercising a fun activity. I've always loved group classes like high energy cycling or a meditative yoga, and opt for running outdoors when the weather warms up. 

4. Establish a Routine - I always tend to get in a rut if I don't have a set routine in place. It can be small things like, planning out yoga every Tuesday and Thursday morning, blocking off an hour or two for emails, meditating as soon as I wake up. Establishing a routine will help you stay motivated and focused on what you have planned throughout the day. It will also allow for you to see where all of your time is going. 

5. Eat Healthy - I love pasta, bread, and take-out as much as the next girl, but as I'm reaching my late twenties I've realized how important it is to maintain a healthy diet. My recent trips to Trader Joes and Dean & Deluca have consisted of stocking up on lots of fruits and veggies, picking up herbal teas, and substituting some dairy products with soy. While I still enjoy a lot of my favorite foods and that amazing greasy Chinese around the corner from time to time, I feel so much better throughout the day when I prep and cook healthy meals at home. 

6. Cute Workout Clothes - Picking out great gear to workout in is a great way to stay motivated! I love everything Crane & Lion (pictured above), Lululemon, and Sweaty Betty

7. Drink Lots of Water - Growing up, my dad would always stress how important it was for us to drink water. Living in Texas, our Summers were hot hot hot, and our Winters were dry and cold. It's important to stay hydrated to keep your body feeling it's best in order to stay focused. 

8. Set Realistic Goals - Set goals that are attainable throughout the week, so that you have small little victories to celebrate! They can be anything from eating less pasta and more salad, not spending as much on drinks when you're out, or making coffee at home in the mornings instead of stopping by your local Starbucks every day. 

9. Track Your Progress - Weather your training for a half-marathon, trying to lose weight, or simply wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle...It's great to track your progress in a journal so that you can look back on each week and continue to challenge yourself to get to where you're wanting to be. 

10. Reward Yourself - What's all that hard work without a little reward at the end? You've been sticking to a routine, working hard, and staying motivated so it's time for a treat! Reward yourself for those small little wins. Treat yourself to a favorite meal, indulge in a day at the spa, or splurge on that pretty dress you've been eyeing all month. 

photography by Laurel Creative

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