Saturday, December 17, 2016

Birthday Girl

Anthropologie Lydia Swing Dress | Marc Fisher Block-Heel Sandals

It's my birthday! So I'm taking the day for myself, and filling it with all of my favorite New York things. Starting with brunch at Claudette with some of my favorite girls, followed by a fun store opening downtown, and then a little bit of shopping at some of my favorite West Village shops! (p.s. - did I mention I woke up to snow?! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday surprise.)

I wanted to share this fun look in one of my absolute favorite Anthropologie dresses. Anthro never gets it wrong with their pieces, but this one is honestly one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen. The beautiful blue and beaded details make it an instant classic, and a dress I'm thrilled to have in my closet. 

Wishing you a great day, and lovely weekend! 
I'm off to do a little celebrating! 


  1. You look stunning! Happy Birthday!


  2. You are looking super cute !



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