Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Very Carrie Moment

Lou & Grey Strappy Dress | Urban Outfitters Saratoga Open Cardigan
Steve Madden Shoes | Michael Kors Crossbody Bag | LOFT Earrings 

I'd like to call this my "Carrie" outfit. 

Before I moved to NYC, I had already watched a lot of Sex & the City (and by a lot, I mean EVERY season.) I like to think of it as a "right of passage" for anyone who is thinking of or planning to move to NYC, to at least watch a few episodes before they make the big plunge into this crazy city. I mean... even to this day, I believe the show still does an incredible job with the way in which it so accurately depicts life in New York City.

From the horror stories that come out of dating in the city, to making sure you're showing up at brunch even though you had one too many martinis the night before, and you're also slightly panicking about making rent for the month while simultaneously wondering if you should buy that new dress at Anthropologie for your next event... because it's GORGEOUS. (or is that just me?! - insert wide-eyed emoji here.) 

And the events...rushing about from meeting to showroom, (stilettos in hand) while it's raining and you just yelled at your cab driver because he left you on the wrong block due to 'construction' ahead. (Ummm no sir... I don't think you understand. It's pouring outside, and I spent way too much on this dress and tedious time doing my hair to show up looking a hot mess to this gala.) 

If I've scheduled one 'too' many events in a month, then my weeks sometimes feel like the above. --- (Also due to the fact that I juggle a 9-5 job at a tech company in Midtown apart from my site. Add both of those together, and this chaos especially rings true during Fashion Week. But that's a whole other animal we can touch on before the next one in February!) 

Due to my somewhat crazy schedule, I truly cherish my weekends. They work as my time to re-group, re-charge, and tackle anything that I wasn't able to during the week. Which means, I get as cozy as possible while running around the city. Enter - this Carrie Outfit.

I used to love watching how effortlessly Carrie Bradshaw would run out of her apartment in the mornings to meet a friend, catch a cab, or reach a deadline. She'd casually throw on a beautiful slip dress and cover-up, some fabulous shoes, and head out the door. 

I wanted to share my version of a 'Carrie Moment', with the look above. I've been living in this pink strappy dress on the weekends. (Also comes in black and a gorgeous amber color!) I'm starting to layer it under cozy knits on chilly mornings, and am so tempted to buy it in the other colors as well. Throw on a cozy cardigan, some great shoes, and you're all set! It's never been so easy to pretend to be Carrie. xoxo

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  1. Love the black and pink color combo.


  2. Love the dress and the shoes !




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