Thursday, November 3, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

It's easy to get in a 'rut' and feel down sometimes. With everything that's constantly happening around us, as well as trying to juggle projects at work, maintaining healthy relationships, and continuing to push towards our goals... life can get a little overwhelming.

Here are 5 easy ways in which you can quickly turn your mood around. 

1. Listening to Music

I've connected with so many friends through music, and it's crazy how just by listening to an old song or favorite jam, it can take you to your happy place.

I've always been a huge music junkie and LOVE discovering new artists, and songs that I haven't heard of before. Spotify is currently one of go-to apps for listening to good tunes, and I'm constantly 'vibing' while I'm at the office, working out, and when I'm walking around the city.

Current "feel good" playlists that I'm jammin' to on Spotify: {Wild + Free, Indie Pop!, Young & Free, & TGIF} - check them out, and let me know what you think! 

2. Call Up an Old Friend

I had a surprise phone call the other evening from one of my girlfriends in Texas who I hadn't spoken to in what felt like ages, and it completely made my night! It felt so wonderful catching up with her, and exchanging stories and new and exciting developments in each of our lives. 

If you're ever feeling down or need a little pick-me-up... phone a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while. Simply chatting with them about their day, and how they've been will turn any sadness into excitement, laughter, and comfort. 

3. Switch up Your Routine

Switching up your routine and even stepping outside of your comfort zone sometimes is a great way to bring a sense of 'newness' into your everyday and boost your mood! 

It can be anything from:

- walking home if you normally take public transport - fresh air is great! 
- cooking dinner at home instead of eating out - think about the $$$ you'll save too! 
- going to bed earlier & waking up before the sun rises  
- unplugging from social media a little more throughout the day
- say yes to something you would normally say no to - like opting for a new dish at your local Chinese instead of ordering your usual beef fried rice (if you're ME!)

4. Take Yourself Out On a Solo Date

On those rare occasions when every. single. one. of your friends is busy, and you've really been wanting to see that new thriller that's out at the movies... DON'T decide not to go! Throw on some comfy clothes, stash your bag full of all the swedish fish & chocolate, and take yourself out! After all... you work hard and deserve a fun solo night! 

Don't be afraid to do things on your own. 

After moving to New York City, and while I was transitioning from leaving my friends back in Texas and trying to make new ones here, I found out how much fun it is to go out on mini-dates with myself. One of the most exciting things I ever did was attend a concert completely solo! I went to see The Weeknd at Madison Square Garden and it was AMAZING and sooo much fun! (I almost didn't go!!)

So, whether it's attending a concert, seeing a movie, having dinner at a new spot that opened up, or joining in on an art class... it's such an exhilarating feeling to do something all on your own. Not to mention, it opens up doors to meet new people as well! 

5. Get Moving

Work it out! 

Having a set workout routine has proven time and time again to work as an amazing mood booster

Whether you're into yoga, cycling, or running, it's important to get active! Not only does hitting the gym release "feel good" vibes, but it also keeps you healthy!

As I'm navigating through my twenties, I've found so much more importance on regularly working out. Especially with the amount of stimulants that a big city can bring... it's great to be able to attend a calming yoga class in order to decrease any levels of stress that might have happened throughout the day. 



  1. lovely tips !


  2. Great tips! It took me a long time to embrace the idea of solo dates, but now I love them!

    1. It took me a little while as well, but now I'm hooked! :D

  3. Lovely post. I do things on my own all the time. It's definitely empowering.
    Adela xx

    1. Thank you Adela!
      I couldn't agree more! Doing things solo is so fun and empowering. xo



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