Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NYC Brunch Guide

ALL the brunch for me please.
Rosemary's Greenwich Village

A sweet friend from Texas recently reached out to me to let me know that she’ll be in the city next weekend! She asked for a few recommendations on favorite brunch spots in NYC since she’s planning to visit with a few of her good gals. They're currently planning to do all the eating while in the city, which naturally should be done when visiting New York. 

So that got me thinking…
I’m a girl...girl’s love brunch, girl’s love boozy brunch. AND, I’ve got a pretty good line-up of ‘it’ brunch spots in my arsenal from having 'brunched it up' quite a bit in Manhattan since I arrived last year. And, if you didn't already know this about New York... Brunch is kind of a BIG deal in this city. It's almost as though every single person on this little island drops everything their doing on a Sunday to brunch. And brunch HARD. (Plus - this girl is definitely not complaining.) 

Below I’m sharing some of my favorite brunch destinations (by neighborhood) for you to try out, and probably spend most of your weekend in, or live in. Hey… I don’t judge. Been there...brunched there...forgot my hat at the table. 

No, but really. I did forget my hat at the table one time and had to go back. 
Hold the mimosas next time! (Or don't.) Yes, maybe don't. 

.:Brunch Guide:.
{Favorites...so far}

Upper East Side:
<Alice's Tea Cup>  

East Village:

Upper West Side:

West Village:

Greenwich Village:

 <The Butcher's Daughter


Happy Brunching!! 


  1. That looks so yummy! Love these photos.

    xo Azu


  2. nice restaurant!


  3. Looks like a delicious brunch! Truly an amazing way to spend good time with friends on a budget. I really loved your idea of this brunch party. Will be attending a formal dinner party at my favorite Seattle convention center. Eager to attend this party!



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