Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Insta Martini

Central Park
Spring Blues
West Village Dreaming 
Blooms Sitting Pretty at Home 
The Perfect Spring Crossbody 
Strong Spring Game at Anthro: {Hat, Scarf, Yellow Dress, Blue Dress}
5th Ave Fancy

Instagram has always been one of my favorite outlets to stay inspired through. I love following other creatives on the app from designers, to chefs, magazine editors, and other bloggers. (To name a few!) I am constantly updating mine throughout the day and sharing little glimpses into my everyday life. If you're a big fan of New York City, lots of fresh flowers, and the occasional dress twirl you can follow me over on Insta! 

To see more from my Instagram, go to the link below!


  1. These photos are so lovely !


  2. That yellow dress from Anthro is so pretty!!



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