Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New York Favorites

Weekend Blooms
Window Shopping 
Upper East Charm
Lattes & Michael Kors
Cute Stoop in the Neighborhood 

I love taking snaps of things that I'm seeing while walking around the city. I often commute by subway to the different neighborhoods in Manhattan, but I also love just putting in my headphones and walking everywhere that I can. 

Walking from one part of the city to the next is one of the best ways that I've been able to get to know New York a little more. (Not to mention, counts as great exercise too!) I've been able to discover a few new favorite places to eat, grab a latte or stop by for drinks with friends, and my list is continuing to grow. 

Some hot spots that I've recently tried and frequented are below, and if you're planning to visit NYC soon I definitely recommend trying a few of them! I'm hoping to have an updated section on the blog soon of all things New York so that I can share with you everything that there is to love about this new city of mine.

{A Few Favorites}

Upper East Side - Oslo Coffee 
Midtown - Culture Espresso
West Village - The Elk

Cocktail Bars: 
Upper East Side - Jones Wood Foundry
Midtown - Top of the Strand 
West Village - Bar Sardine 

Great Eats:
Upper East Side- Via Quadronno
Midtown - Izakaya Mew
Chelsea- Crispo
West Village- The Spotted Pig

Stay tuned for my favorite brunch spots and an even bigger list of favorite eats!! 


  1. These photos are really cute !


  2. These pictures are so lovely!




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