Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year in New York

With a new year right around the corner, I've been reflecting on a few things that made this last one so special. I've gone through so much growth and change over this past year in all areas of my life. From relationships changing, to moving to a new city and being far away from my family, to starting a new job and making new friends. Every single thing in my life I feel, has changed for me. And it actually all came at the exact perfect timing and disguised as the biggest blessing. Moving to New York has been the most incredible adventure so far, and one that I will never ever forget. My first few months here have been a dream, and I will always cherish this first year in NYC so much and am incredibly excited to see where my journey in the city will take me. I feel that New York is beginning to shape me into the woman I believe I was always meant to be. I feel so grateful for everything along the way, even for the heartbreak that this past year has brought. Without it I would have never started my New York story. 

I believed before, but believe even more now with all of my heart that absolutely everything happens for a reason. All we need to do is continue to trust, have faith, and always always always follow where our heart is leading us. It will take us exactly where we are meant to be. 

Thank you New York for helping me be strong, get out of my comfort zone, dream new dreams, and for giving me the biggest adventure ever. xo



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