Tuesday, October 20, 2015

5 Fall Beauty Favorites

{ Above: Wearing Camilyn Beth's  'Maura Top' & Revlon's 'Love that Red' Lipstick}

When it comes to fall beauty, I always have a select few products that I keep in my makeup bag and use time and time again. In my arsenal of beauty goodies these are the tried and true favorites that I use every fall season (+ a brand new one from Butter). You can't go wrong with these!

.:These three lipstick shades rotate constantly during the fall and winter for me, and I am always able to wear them with most pieces in close:. -

1. My signature and favorite red shade is 'Love That Red' by Revlon. I've tried so many, and this one is the most complimenting against my olive skin tone. 

2. This gorgeous raisin shade 'Raisin Rage' (also by Revlon), has been in my makeup bag for ages. I love wearing it during the fall and winter to add a little something extra to an everyday look. 

3. If you're looking for a rich, and sultry plum lip I definitely recommend 'Bruised Plum'  by Tom Ford. The color is absolutely stunning, and I truly believe well worth the price point! 

//A new beauty favorite and Must-Have//

4. I've been playing around with eye colors this fall, and this darling Shadow Clutch by Butter London is simply perfect. The skin-balancing shadows come in a variety of gorgeous hues that you can switch out and customize to pair with your favorite cozy knits. 

//My absolute Go-To for Big, LOOK AT ME eyes//

5. My absolute must-have mascara that I haven't strayed far from for YEARS now is L'Oreal's Voluminous Original Masacara. After testing out several different types, this drugstore one is hands down my absolute favorite. It helps my lashes look naturally long and full.

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