Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Meet Plated!

Cheesy Salvadoran Pupusas

I'm incredibly excited about today's post for so many reasons! First, because one of my biggest loves is food, (if you follow me on Snapchat you'll know this: leopardmartini), and second to introduce you to a fun and innovative concept that allows you to feel like a fabulous chef in your own home!

I grew up with a mother that is an absolutely amazing chef. She is hands down the best cook ever, and I don't just say this because she is my mom but because it's honestly the truth. Family, friends, and my dad, brother and I are constantly ranting and raving at how amazing of a cook she is. Now me on the other hand... I'm a bit lucky if something DOESN'T go wrong when I'm in the kitchen! (i.e. a burnt dish, mixed up ingredients, you name it!) My busy schedule can get a bit crazy at times, but I still want to eat healthy and be able to prepare meals easily at home especially if pressed for time. And that is where Plated steps in! When I heard about Plated I was instantly hooked! They bring amazing gourmet meals packaged and straight to your doorstep. Order your meals for the week, and each box that arrives is filled with fresh ingredients for each chosen plate, and a step-by-step prep course on how to easily cook and plate your dish. It makes people like me feel like a 5-Star chef! The plated concept is so much fun, and really makes dinner time that much more exciting! 

Pictured above are the 'Cheesy Salvadoran Pupusas' that I made with Plated. They offer so many other amazing dishes to try at home as well! 

See more from them here: Meet Plated

Thank you to Plated for sponsoring this post! 



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