Friday, October 17, 2014

Mini Loves

boot weather 
gorgeous blooms from a wonderful friend
waking up in time to see this gorgeous sunrise
fall layers and Zara scarves make me happy

Here are little bits of this week through my Instagram. I love capturing moments throughout the week that inspire me. Starting today, I will be doing a new series on the blog every Friday called 'Mini Loves' which will showcase a few of my favorite things from throughout the week. I think it's so lovely to look back at the little things that touch us during our everyday lives. Sometimes we get so caught up in how busy life can be, that we forget to live in the now and embrace what is actually happening. It's so nice to take a step back and reflect on the moments that touch our hearts or the things that make us smile. I hope that this will encourage you to look for and find the 'mini loves' that you come across at the end of every week.



  1. aw, you're so cuuute :D
    and these flowers are beautiful

  2. Loving those boots in the first picture, the quilted detail is perfect!

  3. The colors of your outfit brought in the colors of the sunrise. Beautiful!



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