Thursday, July 10, 2014

Florida Wishlist

I'm heading to Florida next month, and I've already started to plan my wish list of pieces that I want to take with me for the trip! I've been to Florida only once before and that was several years ago. I went to Tampa with Ben and we stayed in Sarasota and did a bit of traveling around the area. Next month I'm heading there for a family trip with my mom, dad, and little brother and we're staying in Fort Lauderdale and touring that part of The Keys. We're even heading to Miami for a day! I'm so excited to be near the beach for a bit, and I've put together a fun little list of colorful options to take with me on the trip. I definitely plan to add a few of these to my suitcase before we go next month! 


  1. That yellow lace top is soooo cute! It would be cute with some high waisted shorts!

  2. The Fort Lauderdale/Miami area is absolutely perfect. You're going to have a great time. Can't wait for pics and recaps!

    xx Shabnam

  3. This is such a lovely list !


  4. I've always wanted to travel to the Florida Keys, be sure to take lots of photos. Your fashion picks are perfect for Florida, such great prints!

  5. Great selections of prints and textures! Have fun in Florida. Will you have a chance to visit Orlando and go to Disney or Universal?
    Carolyn | BLOG



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