Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Inspiration

{Iced Coffee Break}
{Isafjordur, Iceland}
{Gorgeous Colors}
{Little Red Dress}

Image One: What almost all of my Saturday mornings look like. 'Life Begins After Coffee' 

Image Two: Isafjordur, Iceland- The little town where Ben and I lived for three months this past summer! This was the exact view from outside of our window! 

Image Three: Like most, I sometimes find myself worrying about the future or stressing over little things that ultimately I have no control over. I always try to take a step back and think about all of the wonderful things that God has blessed me with and am really trying to put this quote into practice. 

Image Four: This floral arrangement is simply stunning, and I am really considering a combination of these colors for our Everson Wedding. :)

Image Five: I am the ultimate Holiday junkie, and am already looking for a pretty dress to wear for Valentine's Day. I know, I know... I'm definitely an (over) planner. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful and fun weekend!~


  1. great pictures!!!

    XOXO Sandl

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  2. Lovely mix of pics..Just amazing..Wish you a lovely new year :-)

    Bisous ♥

  3. Wow! I can't believe that view of Iceland was outside your window!!! I want to go visit there now!!! :-)

  4. Lovely inspiration!!! I love holidays too.. can't wait to have fun with all the red options for Valentines Day!!

  5. Love the inspiration !
    Giveaway on my blog, win a bottle of Burberry Brit

  6. That is a stunning floral arrangement! I'm going with something similar for my wedding, not so much the same flowers, but the same feel, flow and garden aspects.
    <3 Carolyn

  7. Great post! And gorgeous dress! I love it!!!

  8. Wow! Love the first pic


  9. Great blog :) Welcome to Us
    Patricia & Daniel

  10. So much amazing inspiration. I love the first photo!

    Xo, Hannah



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