Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dress Code

Glam: 1/2/3
Flirty: 1/2/3
Sophisticated: 1/2/3

With the Holidays just around the corner, one thing that immediately comes to mind (for me at least), is dressing up! I love any excuse to throw on a pretty little dress, and I love the holidays simply because of this reason. Dinners, Parties, and in my case, a birthday or two!... November and December are filled with fun events, and you've got to make sure you look the part! Featured above are some darling dresses from around the web that I'm currently eyeing for this holiday season. 


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful dresses. Keep in touch

  2. Great post my lovely, I absolutely love the party season! ♥ You picked some gorgeous dresses, would love to have them all *greedy* hehe. Thanks for sharing!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  3. That red dress - for the glam option... I can't even handle how beautiful it is... I actually sucked in my breath when I saw it! Love it!!! I love all the other choices too - especially the light pink option for a sophisticated event... But that red one. That is so dreamy!

    XXOO Lucy

  4. This is so cute!! The sophisticated ones are my favorite :)


  5. Such pretty dresses!! Love the red one with the lace arms. Flirty and festive :)

    xo Brooke | honestly, b.

  6. You have such a great sense of style, I love that blush colored dress with the black detail.

  7. These dresses are gorgeous... and so fun thinking of all the parties you could wear them to!



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