Friday, March 1, 2013


Forever 21 coat // Express top and faux fur scarf (similar) // MNG by Mango skirt // 
Vince Camuto boots // Juicy Couture bag

Happy March!

I have been away from the blog for a bit due to some changes that have happened in my life recently. If you follow me on instagram or twitter you may already know, but a few weeks ago I made the long trip across the pond to England! I got engaged to my college sweetheart and am currently living in the UK. Everything has happened all at once and I'm completely enjoying every minute of it! I feel like I'm living a fairy tale. 

My fiance Ben, plays professional soccer (or should I say football) for York City F.C. We have been having so much fun sightseeing and spending time with his family. Ben is originally from Middlesbrough, England so he was very excited when the opportunity came up to accept his dream job back home. I am so proud of him and couldn't be happier!

I have so much to think about now and don't even know where to start with planning our wedding! (Pinterest and coffee have become my best friends at the moment). This is such an exciting time for me and I can't wait to share it all!

I hope you enjoy my new posts coming to you from jolly old England! xxx


  1. You are always so adorable! Love that bag!

  2. I saw your instagram photos, congratulations and best wishes dear :)

  3. Wait! Where have I been I just thought you were on a very long trip in the UK :) wow living? that's so awesome! Thank you for all the Instagram's love them and congrats again on your engagement. So where about in the UK are you living? Did you guys already find a place?


  4. love so much your photos.. cool outfit!!!

    i posted my last outfit, i would like to know what you think about!
    here the link,

    kisses, Vincenzo!

  5. love it ! love it!!!! amazing outfit!!!!!

  6. I hope you will have an amazing March honey!

  7. WOW what a life change...from Texas to England! Enjoy getting to know your city! Can't wait to see wedding inspiration!

  8. Love this outfit! You look so pretty! Congrats on the move, sounds like so much fun!

    Rachel Ashley



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