Monday, November 12, 2012

Pop of Pink

{Victoria's Secret PINK tee, Charlotte Russe cardigan and skirt, 
Express scarf, Gap cross-body bag, Coach booties}

I have the feeling that you may have already noticed this, but I absolutely love wearing bright colors. This rings especially true in the Fall and Winter months. Sometimes when the cooler weather starts to roll around it gives off a very blah feeling, and makes you want to just stay at home with a cup of hot cocoa and your t.v. switched on to the Lifetime channel for all of those Christmas movies. 

So when I do decide to finally pry myself out of my warm comforter to hit the city for some holiday shopping or to run errands, I tend to throw on a bright or rich colored sweater before walking out the door. It has been proven that bright colors help to put you in a cheerful mood, and others around you absorb it as well.

Now don't get me wrong, I still love dark colors for the Fall/Winter. They can be gorgeous and fun as well, but adding a little pop of color to your outfit is always an easy and fun way to add some extra cheer to your day :). 



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