Monday, July 16, 2012

Downtown Dallas

{Target chambray top and hat, Victoria's Secret PINK tee, U-51 shorts, 
Vintage Juicy Couture bag, Gianni Bini sandals}
{Little bro creepin' in the back}

This past weekend, I went down to Dallas with the family. We have a place there, so we usually try and go often. It was so nice just to kick back, relax, and get away for a little while. I mainly took lots of comfortable clothes with me, so that I could easily walk around the shops and try clothes on if I needed to of course haha. 

I absolutely love Dallas. It's such a fun and chic city with great places to shop and eat. I'm definitely looking forward to going back again. Any amount of time spent in Dallas is always so nice. 


  1. Super cute outfit!! I love the casualness to it :)

  2. Obsessed with your outfit! Can't believe you're from Dallas. I live about an hour from there :)

  3. This outfit is so perfect for summer!

  4. I love chambray shirts!! They're so versatile. Lovely outfit.

  5. I really love your hat! Great outfit.

  6. You look comfy cute and ready to have some fun! Love your bag and hat here sweeite!


  7. cute and comfy outfit! love ur style as always

  8. Oh I live near Dallas! Glad you enjoy it :)



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