Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty Pieces

You can really find some cute pieces of jewelry at Charlotte Russe sometimes. I went in a few days ago and was so excited to find so many that I loved! 

I love wearing anything gold and it really mixes perfectly with basically any outfit. With some great chains and rings you can have an amazing statement piece that will really help pull your whole look together. 

Stop by your nearest Charlotte Russe and have a look at their jewelry section! 
I'm sure you'll walk out with something you love. :)

                   Stay tuned to see how I style everything! xoxo


  1. can wait to see you style these... xx

  2. Hi Doll! I am visiting and love your blog..You're a very pretty girl..Just followed and looking forward to new posts. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. love your blog! following now:) hope you follow me back!


  4. Gorgeous jewelry!

    I like your blog a lot!

    Would you mind following each other?


    Best wishes


  5. Lovely post! Plz follow mine blog also :)

  6. You have some wonderful pieces & they all look wonderful against orange.
    Charlotte Russe is one of my favorite stores, maily because they have jeans for short people lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following yours.

  7. wow, nice pieces! i like your golden necklaces in the first picture- amazing.
    nice blog, i'm following you now. feel free to follow me back.
    wish you a nice weekend.
    maren anita

  8. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can't wait to see your outfit with these lovely things...
    i wanna invite you on my blog..the last post is about an outfit called "our life in comic strip" and it has something about your first date..yes yours!!
    if you like my blog follow me....i always follow back!!!

  9. Heeeey!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I adore yours too! I'm really into statement accessories right now so i love all of these! Cant wait to see how your style them ;) so yeah, i'll be around here again! Following you now, follow back if you want!
    xx, Alessandra

  10. Gorgeous necklaces! Thank you for your lovely comments. Following you now. Hope you will follow me back.
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  11. new follower! Loving these gorgeous pieces! Please check me out and follow :)



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